Our program is no risk to you, but great for your business

Why add a self-service massage chair to your business? You make additional money from customers who are already visiting your location. Your clients are happy to have the option of a relaxing massage while they wait.

Why add a self-service massage chair to your business?

Profit for you

You make additional money from customers who are already visiting your location.

Benefit for your customer

Your clients are happy to have the option of a relaxing massage while they wait.

No risk to start

We offer free installation, maintenance, collection. No initial cost needed.

Massage chairs are a complimentary service that allows you to offer more and earn more.​

Your small business can add easy profit by offering your clients a high-quality chair massage. With no investment needed and no commitment required, you can earn more money each month and give your customers an additional service. 

Customers trust the Daiwa brand of massage chairs, and now you can give visitors to your site access to a relaxing full-body massage.


50%* Profit Share without Any Risk

At business locations where customers must wait while your service is completed, offering massage vending gives customers a way to spend their time, helps them to relax, and gives a boost to their experience at your business.

Earn 50%* each time one of your customers buys a massage, adding hundreds of dollars to your bottom line each month.

 The process is easy! Your sales representative comes each month to collect earnings.  A massage is $5 for 15 minutes, or you can set your own prices. Make your clients happier and relaxed, which translates to more business and more sales!

*Your agreement with Daiwa Vending will include your exact percentage earned on each massage, 50%. The rate you are paid is dependent upon the contract

* If your store is out of our sales area, we offer you to buy the vending chair with special price. Please contact to your nearest branch for details.

Earn up to $55k/yr
Happy Daiwa Families
Chairs are installed
Average income per chair
$ 0 /yr

Our Daiwa Families

Vending Chairs are a great opportunity for:

  • Dental & Medical Offices

  • Airports

  • Train Stations

  • Beauty Salons

  • Nail Salons

  • Spas

  • Tanning Salons

  • Shopping Malls & Centers

  • Rest Areas

  • Lounges

  • Military Bases

  • Casinos & Arcades

  • Game Centers

  • Laundromat

  • Carwashes

  • Car Maintenance & Auto

Frequently Asked Questions​

As long as your store has enough space for massage chair(s) within our branch’s sales area, you can. If you are out of our sales area, we offer you to buy the vending massage chair with special price. For the sales area, please contact to your nearest branch.

At this time, we exclusively offer massage chair vending machines (also known as dollar-operated massage chairs). Most of our customers lease them (at no charge), however we do sell them wholesale. 

We offer our Air-Touch Massage Chair for sale wholesale if you are interested, however, we make it easy to operate your own vending massage chair with no money down using the profit-share approach.

Daiwa offers a fast and easy way to start a vending massage chair business if you wish to host one of our chairs and split the profit 50/50. We do not charge any additional fees, and we take care of all maintenance and repairs for free! If you want to start a larger vending massage chair machine business, you can contact us about a wholesale purchase. Once you buy one or more of our Air-Touch chairs, you can take control of your vending business and offer your own clients a great experience. 

At this time, Daiwa focuses exclusively on our Air-Touch vending massage chair product, which is very popular in a number of businesses. No business plan or contract is required. You simply set it up in a location that your customers can access, and each month we send a representative out to collect the profits, which we split with you. 

A: If you are looking to buy wholesale, please view our Air-Touch dollar-operated massage chair. 

Of course, vending machine business profits vary depending on the amount of customer foot traffic your location receives. You can easily make hundreds of dollars more per month just buy offering an additional service to your clients. Most of our profit-sharing businesses have an already-established business, such as a car wash, a spa, or a shopping area, and they use our chairs simply to add additional revenue. You may also host several chairs at once, and if you have a high-traffic location your chairs can earn you thousands!

If you are interested in buying a vending massage chair, we offer the best wholesale prices and a satisfaction guarantee. ​

Run your own dollar-operated massage chairs, or rent them out to other businesses. Dollar-operated massage chairs are one of the best vending machines you can buy.​Wholesale is pricing available so that you can choose to buy your own vending massage chair.

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