CES 2020 New Massage Chair Unveiled - Supreme Hybrid

An innovative massage chair will debut at CES 2020. Daiwa® + Rotai Team Up to Launch New Hybrid Massage: L-track + Inversion Chair that Focuses on Deep Stretching

With the Supreme Hybrid, Daiwa + Rotai has introduced a new category in the massage chair space: a hybrid model that combines an inversion stretch chair with an L-shaped massage track.

The Daiwa + Rotai Supreme Hybrid introduces HybriFlex™, a flexible massage track that arches backwards over 50°. Typical Inversion Stretch massage chairs use a 26-28″ massage track, but HybriFlex™ makes use of an extra-long 49” L-shaped track. This super flexible hybrid massage track combines the full coverage of a 49” track, with a full-body deep stretch that would rival any yoga class. This massage chair will be unveiled first time at CES 2020 January.
“The Supreme Hybrid’s HybriFlex™ is a really exciting development for our chairs,” says Daiwa President Michael Kogure. “It puts the chair in a whole new category—it’s more than a massage chair. It can actually improve your fitness,” Kogure said.  
The new hybrid style massage chair is available to the American market for the first time this winter.
  •  HybriFlex™ Massage Track, the Best of Two Worlds. The Supreme Hybrid’s innovative bendable massage track, allows the chair to pull your body back for a deep, natural muscle stretch. Stretching and massage are complimentary, leading to less tension in injury-prone areas and giving you greater flexibility.
  •  FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-roller System. allows the new redesign to truly take advantage of the greater reach that the flexible massage track now has. Daiwa had to separate the massage rollers into two independent parts. Two separate massage roller systems now provide therapeutic human-like massage techniques to both the upper back and shoulders and lower back and legs simultaneously, the company says.
  •  Total-Body Airbag Massage. Built into the chair are 70 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate for an amazing total-body massage treatment. And in the extendable legrest, airbags target calf, feet, and even ankle muscles to relieve tension and improve circulation.
  •  Modern, Space-Saving Design. Unlike massage chairs with a cumbersome legrest unit that feels detached from the rest of the chair, the Supreme Hybrid’s form factor wraps all parts into a unified, pleasing rounded body. The chair’s shape looks natural as it swivels back into recline mode, using a space-saving Wall Hugger feature that requires almost no room between the chair and the wall. The chair is available in Black, Choco, Gray, or White, both featuring luxurious leather Saffiano details.
  •  With the Touchscreen, You’re in Control. An all-new touchscreen controller panel with pre-programmed massage sessions that make sophisticated use of the chair’s advanced mechanics. The chair also includes a convenient built-in wireless phone charger plus surround-sound wireless Bluetooth speakers that connect to the user’s own music player.
  • Daiwa + Rotai: A Dynamic New International Partnership
The Supreme Hybrid’s new technology was the result of a partnership between two global leaders in the consumer massage chair space.
Daiwa Massage Chair®, with its parent company U.S. Jaclean®, has been a dominant player in the U.S. massage chair market for 37 years. The Daiwa Legacy and the Daiwa Relax2Zero models were the first to introduce advanced, game-changing robotics that helped spark a rapidly growing consumer interest in at-home massage. With 9 nationwide locations, Daiwa Massage is known for offering its comprehensive DaiwaCare™, which includes white glove delivery, full-time technicians, and lifetime customer aftercare.
Rotai, an innovator in massage chair design, partnered with Daiwa to offer the Supreme Hybrid to the U.S. market. Daiwa + Rotai are building on a combined legacy of quality manufacturing, a global market reach, and innovative design.
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CES massage chair 2020 Supreme Hybrid Yoga massage chair with patented legrest. Hybrid design with Inversion stretch and L-shape massage track
CES massage chair 2020 Supreme Hybrid Yoga massage chair with patented legrest. Hybrid design with Inversion stretch and L-shape massage track
CES massage chair 2020 Supreme Hybrid Yoga massage chair with patented legrest. Hybrid design with Inversion stretch and L-shape massage track
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