Luxury Series Massage Chairs & Loungers

Our Luxury Series includes chairs with the most advanced features using the latest cutting-edge technology in space-friendly designs. Targeted massage therapy and detailed customizations offer the fullest benefits of an at-home massage chair.  


Luxury Series: Comparison Chart

Hubble Pegasus 2 Smart
Model HUBL-1 PEGS-2
MSRP $10,000 $11,000
Dimension Upright- 64.8 x 36.0 x 48.9 in
Reclined- 74.4 x 36.0 x 33.1 in
Upright- 63 x 31 x 49 in
Reclined- 72 x 31 x 38 in
Minimum Distance from Wall 0"
ZERO Space Wall Hugger Design
ZERO Space Wall Hugger Design
Colors Black, Choco Black, Choco
Upholstery High-end Saffiano PU Leather High-end Saffiano PU Leather
Chair Features
Massage Track 49" L-Shape 49" L-Shape
Massage Rollers 3D 3D
Airbags 48 48
Extra Wide Shoulder Expansion
Shoulder Pad Height Adjustment
Tapping Off
Leg Extension Auto Auto
User Weight Limit 300 lb 300 lb
User Height Range 4'8" - 6'6" 4'8" - 6'6"
Premier Massage Feature
Roller Width Options 3 3
Body Scan 3D Body Scan 3D Body Scan
Heat Therapy ✔ (3levels)
ShiatsuWave Calf Massage
Heated Knee Calf Massage
Calf/Foot Massage Ankle Grips
Undulating Airbags
Ankle Grips
Undulating Airbags
Reflexology Foot Massage Triple Triple
Advanced Features
Voice Command
Rocking Rotaion
Zero Gravity 2 positions 2 positions
Auto Programs 27 (9programs x 3time settings) 27 (9programs x 3time settings)
3D Programs 3 3
Manual Mode 8 7
Smartphone App Coming Soon iOS, Android
Controller Hand-held Remote Hand-held Remote
Speakers Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
USB Charging Port