Warranty Agreement

Daiwa is dedicated to upholding a reputation of dependability, quality products, and great customer support. We offer comprehensive service centers across the United States, and we are proud to provide warranties for all of our massage chairs.

Please register your warranty as soon as possible by using our Warranty Registration system below. Warranty coverage begins at the time of purchase (with registration, see below), and covers a chair’s parts and framework for a period of two years, along with labor for one year, after initial purchase. An extended warranty is also available for purchase. Any one of our dealers would be happy to clarify the details of our warranty to meet your satisfaction.

Legacy Discontinued Model: Our “Legacy Discontinued Models” comes with a 90-day warranty for parts and labor. If you are unsure which chairs are considered “Legacy Discontinued Models,” please contact us before purchasing.

Warranty Registration

Our Warranty Registration system is used to keep track of products in case of damage, recall, or any repairs needed. Your Warranty is not valid until registered, however starting September 1, 2017 our sales representatives automatically registered your chair’s warranty at the time of purchase.

If you purchased your chair from a third-party vendor, or if you purchased it prior to September 1st 2017, you may need to register your warranty using our online form. Registering will ensure that you can make a warranty service request if you need to. If you are unsure if your warranty is registered already, please ask your sales representative.

Extended Warranty Purchase  

As part of our commitment to ensuring a great experience, we offer the option to extend the basic warranty above. We have a variety of options to suit your budget and service needs. Our flexible plan allows you to purchase parts and labor separately, if you desire.

The maximum extended warranty period is 5 year parts and 5 years labor. Please note, extended warranty purchases will be verified with original sales invoice to ensure the extended warranty purchase does not exceed the maximum period.

Additional 1 year$200
Additional 2 years$400
Additional 3 years$600
Additional 4 years$800

Additional 1 year$150
Additional 2 years$300
Additional 3 years$450