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Modern Design that Rubs You the Right Way


We took a look around at our competitors’ chairs and realized that most of our customers do not want a plastic robot in their living rooms. We are passionate about designing chairs that look like furniture rather than gym toys. In fact, we’ve been driven by the same passion for quality design for over 35 years.

Lounge Chair Shape that Fits with Your Décor

The Lounger-style profile fits in rather than standing out, so your home still feels homey. 

Quality of Details

Dawia Massage Chairs stand out from our competitors because our our attention to details. Every Dawia chair is crafted with the customer’s comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Wall-hugger Recline ​

Even when fully outstretched, most Daiwa chairs do not require the extra room that even typical recliners do. The wall-hugger design swivels at the base, elegantly reclining in a compact space. 

Saffiano Bicast Leather ​

A treatment originally developed for luxury handbags, Saffiano leather has an embossed crosshatched texture that is stylish, durable, and easy to clean. ​

Built to Last​

Using premium materials, we put our passion for quality-made furnishing into every step of producing a Daiwa chair. Even the zippered seams use official YKK zippers.

Metallic Accent Colors

The casing and piping throughout feature subtle metallic accent colors that give a chic and modern feel. Quality is in the details.

The Daiwa Promise

We deliver quality products to our customers by keeping these 6 promises.

1. Value Customer Feedback

Your feedback matters to us. We take all of our customer's comments seriously. Based on your feedback our chairs continue to improve and innovate. If you have any concerns or request about our products, please contact us(

2. Innovation with the Newest Technology

Our engineers have carefully designed each Daiwa chair to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and manufacturing. Every new feature that we introduce is the result of rigorous quality control testing and user feedback.

3. Testing and Quality Assurance

We test and upgrade our products on a constant basis, and develop new merchandise according to our consumer needs and demands.

4. Design

We design our chairs in Gardena, California, and have them manufactured in our factories in China. We ship directly from our own warehouses throughout the United States, which also house our service centers. We don't rely on third-party party services so that we can ensure the best quality service at every stage: from design, to sales, to aftercare and support.

5. Dependability

We want to ensure that your massage chair serves you well throughout the lifetime of your ownership. Our repair facility keeps all product parts and equipment well-stocked. Specialized repair personnel are on hand throughout our normal office hours, to perform any maintenance and repair that your chair may require.

“Through every stage of the design process, we are attentive to high standards of quality control and to the design details that make all the difference.”
-Michael Kogure, Daiwa Massage Chair President
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Get a quick inspiration!

Our Massaging Accent Chair series can fit to your decor. Collections are Olympia, Majesty, Solace, Legacy4, Cocoon. 

A Royal Experience Delivered to Your Door

With branches throughout the United States, your chair is delivered by one of our own specialists. Our White Glove Delivery service includes your personal massage chair brought into your home, assembled, and tested, to ensure that you are ready to make the most of your purchase with the least hassle. Our attention to design means that the luxury leather upholstery fits perfectly within your home’s interior décor.