Daiwa Massage Chair is unique in the marketplace because we’re the first and only U.S. distributor that is family owned and operated for over 35 years. We saw the popularity of massage chairs in Japan and we began to import them for the U.S. market, helping to introduce thousands to the benefits of at-home full-body massage. We became experts in massage chair engineering, so we are experts in creating massage chair models that consumers love. 

Daiwa Massage chairs are designed in the United States in consultation with Japanese Shiatsu massage masters. They are manufactured and built by our warehouses in China and are imported and sold from the U.S. They are made in China and designed by Japanese and U.S. designers.

We sell chairs individually through in-person demonstrations so that customers can be sure that the chair they chose is the best fit. Our showrooms are throughout the U.S. in stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, and other venues. We also have showrooms at each of our Warehouse locations. To locate the nearest showroom to you, please contact us. 

We are happy to give you the information you need to get your Daiwa massage chair covered by your medical insurance. It is up to your insurance to decide if the chair is covered for your particular case, and a doctor’s note is usually required. Insurance companies may need the following information: the Daiwa Massage Chair brand offers therapeutic massage chairs with advanced technology that provides many benefits for both chronic and temporary healthcare needs. Daiwa Massage Chairs are developed, owned by, and distributed by U.S. JACLEAN, INC., a California corporation (Registration No. C1153474, since 1982). U.S. JACLEAN, INC. is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and our chairs are listed with the FDA. According to the FDA, our Massage Chairs are Class 1 Medical Devices categorized as “Physical Medicine: Therapeutic Massager, Electric.” 

With branches throughout the United States, your chair is delivered by one of our own specialists. Our White Glove Delivery service includes your personal massage chair brought into your home, assembled, and tested to ensure that you are ready to make the most of your purchase with the least hassle.   

Warranty coverage begins at the time of delivery and covers a chair’s parts for a period of two years, along with labor for one year. Additionally, you have 90 days from the purchase date to buy a warranty extension. The maximum extended warranty period is 5 years parts and 5 years labor.  

Of course! Support outside of a warranty period is available for free by phone indefinitely. If you need a technician to come in person or to be sent a replacement part and your warranty is expired then there is an additional fee. Contact support to begin a request and to get an estimate of the charge.  

We’re here to help! Contact us online at daiwamassage.com/service-request to get started. 

We will be happy to match the price listed on any legitimate website authorized by Daiwa Massage to resell our products.

Please note, the Internet is full of unscrupulous hucksters looking to make a fast buck and we are not immune to their tactics. Daiwa Massage Chair uses MAP pricing, Manufacturer’s Advertised Price, for all of our products so that each of our authorized sellers are playing on a level field. When the MAP pricing is ignored, we cannot, in good faith, honor a price match.

We would also caution that any Daiwa Massage product purchased from an unauthorized seller will not be backed by any suggested or implied warranty by Daiwa Massage and all subsidiaries. If a website is selling for a “too-good-to-true price,” then there’s a strong likelihood that they’re selling counterfeit or otherwise misrepresent Daiwa Massage Products.


List of known unauthorized reseller websites (updated May 1, 2022)




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Relax Like Royalty. Daiwa Massage Chair is the best Japanese massage chair manufacture in the United States with 9 branches. Contact us any questions.