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Daiwa is based on the Japanese 大和 meaning great harmony. The harmony of mind and body is the best way to experience total health and wellness. We have designed our massage chairs to use the most advanced technology based on holistic techniques that have been honed over thousands of years.  


inversion Stretch
Massage Chairs


Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs  

Our line of Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs uses exclusive technology to pull and stretch the spine and alleviate chronic pain. Especially effective for people with sciatic nerve inflammation and lower back pain, these chairs also feature shiatsu, heat, zero-gravity, and reflexology techniques. 

Pull and stretch the spine for greater flexibility and to alleviate chronic pain


L- Shaped Track
Massage Chairs


Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs

Our line of massage chairs that are based on the extended L-Shaped Massage Track use rollers that simulate deep kneading from the top of the spine all the way down and around the glutes and hamstring muscles. This line is ideal for rigorous muscle massage, and each chair is made to combine the extended-reach rollers with shiatsu, heat, zero-gravity, and reflexology techniques.   

Rigorous muscle massage for healing and wellness

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